Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1. Commissioning of the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant, Thunder Bay Ontario
I called WESCO to send their technician for the T2 Testing of the Water Treatment Plant.
WESCO is sending : Paul Drinkwater.

2. I called a chemical company in Toronto if they have a representative near Thunder Bay.
They said, they have : John Jolly and he is based in Lively Ontario.

3. In our Oil Sands Project in Fort McMurray our Civil sub is Tom Jones Construction.
Our Superintendent is Andy Williams to look after Tom Jones.


1. We were doing visitations for the Filipino Church in Toronto. We visited a lady, her name is "Inda". She is a spinster. We invited her to visit our church... A lot of bachelors in our church, would you like to come? Wala bang one bedroom?

2. In my Bible Study group in Montreal, we had 2 ladies Placida and Dominga. "Placida Dominga".

3. "In His Image Quartet" Paul Narvaez, Oscar Castanios, Glenn Diel and myself. We were invited to sing at High Park Baptist. We failed to enter the intro of the minus one we were using... I just butt in and said, You're listening to FM 109...

4. When GP was born I was a Consultant to the First Nations of Canada. Dwight Sutherland who is now Chief of Taykwa Takamou First Nation was looking for me. Instead the nurse took him to the nursery.

5. Doug Webb was recently widowed in 2001 when he visited us at FCC, he was the Eastern District Supt. for CMA Canada. He told the men at FCC... "Maybe I'll find a filipina wife, I understand they are submissive", to this end a chorale response was... You are talking to the wrong crowd.

6. I used to conduct a joint choir with our group in Montreal and Ottawa. Christmas in 1990 I took some ladies from Ottawa to join with the Montreal group at Snowdon. Upon arriving at the church they forgot their shoes in the taxi. They have their snow boots. I asked some members of our group in Montreal who are not in the choir to let them borrow their shoes for the time being... Only filipinos do this.

7. We used to do house visitations in Toronto. In one apartment we visited, we were convincing someone to come to church, to this end he said, yes I am always in the church, I am the caretaker. When we talked to him he forgot to have his dentures and hair.

8. Our High School graduation song in 1968 is titled... "On this Glorious Day Lets All Be Gay".

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