Friday, November 28, 2014

Life's Key Points

We have been raised in an era where our culture has reduced life to a fundamental formula to explain and replicate everything . This is true in our Calling in life as it is for our health, wealth, relationships, parenting etc.  Are we finding our calling?  One of the topics I clearly remember  in my third  year  civil engineering was “Triangulation” in our CE surveying course. It takes three coordinates to find your location at a given time.
Let me share three coordinates that will assist us find  our Key Points   in life.
1. Achieving
The key word in Achieving is  RESPONSIBILITY, it means “making things happen instead of waiting for things to  happen”.
2. Relating
The key word in Relating is RELATIONSHIP, it means ” actively showing interest in maintaining intimacy with people we care about”.
3. Becoming
The key word in Becoming is REALITY, it means ” the way things actually are –  not what they appear to be or what we wish them to be.
Daily we go through these constant cycle of  Achieving – Relating and Becoming.  

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